Varsity Cheerleading

Head Coach: Terri Miller (
Assistant Coach: Myresha Bivens (

2016 WiHi Varsity Cheerleaders:

  • Destiny Fisher - captain
  • Aniah Butler – captain
  • Jania Holden
  • Jalen Wallace
  • Shemiah Curtis
  • Dynesty Etienne – captain
  • Chandrea Purnell
  • Senae Dennis
  • Madison Hoffman
  • Vanessa Whaley
  • Kar’Man Morton
  • Ralesia Whittington
  • Jada Smith
  • Jamia Striplet

    All students trying out for a fall, winter or spring sport MUST have a completed 2017-18 WCBOE Student Athlete Physical packet completed and on file with Bryan White, the Athletic Trainer for Wi-Hi.

    Most of it will be completed by the student or parents, but the physical must be completed by a doctor. Once it's turned in for a school year, it will not need to be repeated for a later sports season. 

    Bryan White

    Athletic Trainer, Wicomico HS